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Print365 monitors the printers at your home, office, organization, etc., saves the printed document information into the database, calculates the documents cost and provides you with the desktop and web facility to view and export data.

Print365 calculates the cost of the printed documents. You can setup the monochrome / color rates for every page size (A0, A1, A2, etc.). Read more

Print365 uses a very precise approach to calculating the exact number of printed pages and copies.

Install Print365 Client on your print server computers. Install Print365 Server on a computer you collect the print monitoring data. You don't have to install any Print365 program on a user PC.

Read more about Print365 installation

The following document attributes are supported:

Print365 provides you with web access which helps you view the print monitoring data from any computer via the Internet. Read more

You can export print monitoring data into MS-Excel or HTML format for the next analysis and reporting. Read more
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